Kent Crawford is an award winning portrait and event photographer located in Keller, Texas. With a classic photojournalistic style and a discerning eye for detail, he captures the true emotion from each subject and tells the story of each couple’s unique love and friendship. His expert use of light and color along with the ability to produce technically complex results makes him a highly desirable choice among portrait and event photographers.

Unlike some artistic personalities, Kent excels in making people feel comfortable and relaxed at their sessions. He is a talented communicator and a pleasure to work with. He is attentive to your vision and ideas for your project or event. His ability and willingness to think outside the box will help make your dreams come to life in pictures.

Kent has a passionate love of artistry of all types that serves to fuel his unique creativity. He has been a professional musician for most of his life giving him a broad, uncommon perspective and sensitivity in ways to portray life’s most extraordinary moments.

Kent is a loving husband and father of two wonderful children. He has a keen sense of humor and loves life. He looks forward to creating an outstanding collection of images that will tell your story for generations to come!

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